Beg for Mercy by Toni Andrews downloads torrent download torrent

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Product Details:

Author(s): Toni Andrews

Category: Fiction Other

Date: 2007-09-01

Pages: 320

Publisher: Mira

Language: English

ISBN-10: 077832365X

ISBN-13: 9780778323655

Format: pdf,txt,rtf,epub,lit,lrf,mobi,fb2,pdb

Book Description:

There are several things that I really like about Mercy's character. She is not the stereotypical impulsive, sassy kick butt heroine with a tormented past that is popping up so frequency in these urban fantasies. Instead, she is capable and, in spite of her one little slip, she stops and thinks things through and doesn't go off half cocked. She also makes use of her resources, in this story she gather together quite a support system or as she calls them minions'. She has been a loner in the past, but not out of angst-ridden self-torture but just a side product of trying to avoid misusing her powers. There are several other well developed characters in addition to Mercy. I loved Mercy's best friend Sukey. She was a great side character that starts out being so needy and so desperate for a relationship that she keeps picking a string of losers that she basically stalks until they reject her. But once Sukey expresses her desire to change this distructive behavior, and Mercy uses her push' in a very constructive way that kicks in Sukey s self-esteem – Sukey turns out to be a really cool dynamo, almost a force of nature. The bad guy Dominic, a charming snake, and Mercy's other minions, Tito and Hidli are also interesting. Mercy also has a love interest Sam, who is not as well developed but there is still a sense of who he is and I hope that she will continue to develop him as the series progresses, since there is a great chemistry between Sam and Mercy.

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Pro and contra Google AdSense

Google AdSense is good way to earn the residual income online. Announcements are easy to adjust, and money by which you do, depend on quantity of movement, you have an arrival in your website. My personal experience with AdSense was big by this time, and there are many privileges which this program should offer you. Here some from pro and contra.
Arguments pro
Easy money. AdSense Google – one of the most easy ways with which you can earn the residual income. Everything that you should make, create a website, movement of the engine and lift some announcements, and you can start to gain money almost immediately. Thus Google does not demand any additional work from your name.
Good Money. AdSense also allows you to earn the good residual income. There are many Internet dealers who do that they lived at the expense of AdSense one. However, for you as much as possible to use from this, you should make keyword research so that you could develop the maintenance round high keywords of payment. The tool of Keyword Google will help you to make it so that you have not spent for nothing the time, composing for the markets which will not pay to you.
The adjusted Announcements. One thing which I really love about Google, – that they allow you to adjust the announcements to correspond to other part of your colours on your website. It helps the announcement to be in harmony with your maintenance so that it has not distracted your readers or has rejected them.
Arguments contra
Not Accessible in All Countries. One of the main complaints that I have heard against AdSense, – that they do not pay to publishers in all countries. I do not know, why they would be perfect, but is possible in the certain countries there is not enough business, and thus it is not necessary it for them. However, as the Internet grows, probably they will reconsider and will pay all who wishes to be the publisher.
Any Second Chance. AdSense it is very strict in the sense that you do not abuse system. If you are caught then they will temporarily discharge you from the program. But the real football player – the fact that as soon as you have been temporarily discharged, at you is not present the second chance. They will not reconsider your statement again.
Therefore you should not hurry up to re-read by their rules and instructions so that you could observe them, as it is valid – the big program to be a part.

Daily Language Review, Grade 1 by Evan-Moor downloads torrent download torrent

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Product Details:

Author(s): Evan-Moor

Category: English

Date: 1998-03-01

Pages: 136

Publisher: Evan Moor

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1557996555

ISBN-13: 9781557996558

Format: PDF

Book Description:

Give your first-graders the focused language arts practice they need to develop strong language skills. 36 weeks of instruction cover standards-based skills such as: Reading Comprehension: – categorizing – inferring – predicting – sequencing Vocabulary/Word Study – compound words – contractions – homophones – antonyms – plurals – rhyming – word families – spelling Punctuation – punctuation at the end of a sentence – periods in abbreviations – commas in a series and in dates – apostrophes in contractions and possessives Capitalization – sentence beginning – days, months, holidays – books, magazines, stories – proper names and titles of people – names of places Grammar and Usage – comparative & superlative adjectives – double negatives – pronouns – possessive nouns – verb forms – subject/verb agreement – identifying sentences Reference Skills – alphabetical order

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What ClickBank?
ClickBank – a surprising website for branches of a website which are people who like to sell other products of the people free of charge. ClickBank – one of the greatest attached websites on the Internet, and its clients have transferred billion pounds 1. I know that you can be, think that it is left impossible, but in the world affilirovannogo marketing you only begin. ClickBank – the surprising website also offers more than 10 000 products to choose from.
Whether it is valid conveniently?
ClickBank it is very convenient and only takes you minute to sign. It has instructions how to work it, but I doubt that you will require them.
How you gain money from it?
You gain money from ClickBank, forcing a product to advance on your site. It works, choosing a product from market Klikbenka, there was it, advances very much a considerable quantity of products. It gives you something named hoplink which you copy also paste on your website or e-mail or something else. When someone arrives to your site or receives your e-mail and presses on hoplink to a product, whether it is eBook or the software, and they buy it, you receive the commission, and it means money.
ClickBank can give to you to 75 % in the commission and that concerning if the product was 50, you receive 37.50 and that if you sold that every day, imagine money.
What can you apply ClickBank also?
You can apply ClickBank to a considerable quantity of things, but gain money the best thing, to be applied, it to is your website or e-mail. If you apply it to a sight of e-mail on mobile or a premise of the announcement of e-mail about bol'shem quantity of the information.
How many you can earn?
You can earn much from ClickBank if you exercise its right. I saw accounts ClickBank which receive 1000s day.

The Burglary: The Discovery of J. Edgar Hoover’s Secret FBI by Betty Medsger downloads torrent download torrent

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Product Details:

Author(s): Betty Medsger

Category: Non-fiction

Date: 2014-01-07

Pages: 608

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0307962954

ISBN-13: 9780307962959

Format: epub

Book Description:

The never-before-told full story of the 1971 history-changing break-in of the FBI offices in Media, Pennsylvania, by a group of unlikely activists quiet, ordinary, hardworking Americans that made clear the shocking truth and confirmed what some had long suspected, that J. Edgar Hoover had created and was operating his own shadow Bureau of Investigation. The book shows how the break-in, and subsequent release of the contents of the FBI's files to newspapers across the country, upended the public's perception of the up-till-then inviolate head of the Bureau, paving the way for the FBI's overhaul for the first time since its inception forty-seven years before, in 1924, and setting the stage for the sensational release three months later by Daniel Ellsberg of the top-secret seven-thousand-page Pentagon study of U.S. decision making regarding the Vietnam War that became known as the Pentagon Papers.

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As I Zapuskal Gradual Programmu Affilirovannogo of marketing!

Well allows, begin, the first thing which I should tell to you, I not about branch, I have no training and only did it within 38 days and calculation. The first thing which I have made, should check up ton of the attached offers concerning a network, I looked on so creations of money much of these so-called cars. I have been so confused that was real and that was fraud. Programs which, apparently, good are true well, they it is the most probable! The majority of the attached programs throws a little ebooks in you with ton of a compact disc which say that you do it and do it, but if you knew how to make it and that you will be! Where support 24/7 in, I require the help freaking with all this material.
Also allows not, forget the guys who are crying out on you speaking hey, I I do 10 000 000 in a month and so you can, they – some kind of amusing which I should tell….. But, here there are real programs. It is not so difficult to make or begin, trust me if I can make it, you can make it also!
Well, first thing which I have made, was, I have begun with the attached program named a free site, sign, they allow me to try there the full attached program free of charge YES, I have told free of charge! You force 30 days to try full system and if you decide that is the good program for which you can sign, there has paid the program at cost of dollars for 97,00$ Within a YEAR! Before you will tell, to that, oppose 97,00$? I can make the attached program free of charge everything what I require, a website and a product. Well, the website with rendering of hospitality of it would cost to you, approximately 97,00$ oppose to year instead of to mention that you reach to adjust all it with html, the file transfer program, and so on…
Training which you receive, is in video YouTube on a shoulder and in the text about a sreen-shotami, a way to the simple! You are shown how to use PPC for advertising with Google, Yahoo!, the Sharp sound, ect. They show to you how to receive tons of free movement to your website, they show to you gradual how to adjust a blog with your websites, I should tell that my blog – a cool way. He/she is mine of 38th put in the program, I do approximately 200$ in a week now only with ONE site, I remember that you reach 35, thus you do mathematics, I only wished to adjust completely one site which works then, I will go further to the following and the following so on.
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So in closing of my 38th day is big! Trust me, do not receive scammed the ABM branches, these at least use 3 helps before you will sign with ANY ATTACHED PROGRAM:
1. Name them, see, whether you receive the live person.
2. E-mail them sees, whether you receive the answer.
3. Google the program name.
Do not hesitate to send by e-mail to me of a straight line, I am a live person, Or only to visit my site for the TRUTH!
P.S, which I have almost forgotten to mention, they also, gives to you, 375$ in free advertising with Google and 100$ sign the award! It is the surprising transaction, but it soon comes to an end. Only check up all it today!

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Product Details:

Author(s): Charles Wyke-Smith

Category: Programming

Date: 2007-12-29

Pages: 312

Publisher: New Riders

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0321525566

ISBN-13: 9780321525567

Format: pdf

Book Description:

Cascading Style Sheets enable you to rapidly create web designs that can be shared by hundreds or even thousands of web pages. It accelerates development cycles by centralizing text and layout information for easy editing and updates. This book teaches you everything you need to know to start using CSS in your web development work, from the basics of marking up your content and styling text, through the creation of multi-column page layouts without the use of tables. Learn to create interface components, such as drop-down menus, navigation links, and animated graphical buttons, using only CSS (no JavaScript required). Discover how to design code that works on the latest standard-compliant browsers, such as IE7 and current versions of Firefox, Safari, and Opera, while working around the quirks of the older ones. With a mastery of CSS, your web design capabilities will move to a new level, and everything you need to know to get started and build your skills is right here in this book. Youll be stylin in no time!

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Storm at Arberth (9781854111111) Sian James
Joachim Sohn – Perm: Eine Urzeit-Heldenreise

Types and Use of the Serving Hard disk

Though the person, probably, does not consider serving hard disks as being the basic part of your dishes and other parts of your settlement of a table, they are extremely universal and the second in functionality near to service to spheres. Service to hard disks can be used for set of use inclusive the following:
– Casual everyday service of bread, rolls with a stuffing, or fruit
– Turkey in Day of gratitude or the Christmas ham
– Special events, such as weddings or the parties to serve snack, desserts, and a breakfast
The good empirical rule consists that you should buy at least the serving hard disk, a serving sphere, and serving ware when you originally buy the set of tableware. Manufacturers are known for that they have stopped industrial lines of tableware, so if you want that your tableware and a hard disk corresponded, you should consider it with the initial purchase. Despite a problem here, we do not say that all should be fine competition.
A variety of Use
In the same way, as all other points which are classified as serveware, serving hard disks, are developed with functionality and mnogostoronnost'yu in memory. There are numerous collections of attractively colourful hard disks to serve in and serveware the points accessible today, thus from time to time choice process can be something like a problem to tell least. Serving hard disks are today the second in importance only to service to spheres, but all of them still play, a key strew a dining room and kitchen. As with any other point of tableware, these hard disks are made in set of materials from long plastic to sterling silver.
Whether the case or a lunch case often define hard disk use just as it is a casual or formal part which you choose. From great value here the fact that serving hard disks which you choose, will allow you to create pleasant an eye display of food unlike any other part of your settlement of a table. It is important to understand that you not simply want, that your hard disks of service were “a fashion the statement.” They should be functional and universal also, and to adapt requirements of a certain case for which you use them.
There is an infinite assortment of colours, projects, materials, samples, and develops accessible in the market today. It can make your purchasing extremely difficult decision. Here some useful helps which, we hope, will make your purchasing a bit easier the decision:
Choose the primary purpose of the hard disks. Try to define, whether your hard disks will be used for everyday lunch or only to serve formal or special cases. Not only that it will help you to solve, whether you buy a case or a formal hard disk of service, it also will help you to define, how many you will spend for point.
Consider the budget and how many you wish to spend for your hard disks. As soon as you have chosen either casual or formal hard disks to define, whether it corresponds within your budget. It – also ideal time to define, whether you wish to buy any additional conformity serveware parts.

Backing Hitler: Consent and Coercion in Nazi Germany (Oxford in Asia Historical Reprints) by Robert Gellately downloads torrent download torrent

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Product Details:

Author(s): Robert Gellately

Category: History

Date: 2001-05-24

Pages: 408

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0198205600

ISBN-13: 9780198205609

Format: pdf

Book Description:

Product Description: Debate still rages over how much ordinary Germans knew about the concentration camps and the Gestapo's activities during Hitler's reign. Now, in this well-documented and provocative volume, historian Robert Gellately argues that the majority of German citizens had quite a clear picture of the extent of Nazi atrocities, and continued to support the Reich to the bitter end. Culling chilling evidence from primary news sources and citing dozens of case studies, Gellately shows how media reports and press stories were an essential dimension of Hitler's popular dictatorship. Indeed, a vast array of material on the concentration camps, the violent campaigns against social outsiders, and the Nazis' radical approaches to “law and order” was published in the media of the day, and was widely read by a highly literate population of Germans. Hitler, Gellately reveals, did not try to hide the existence of the Gestapo or of concentration camps. Nor did the Nazis try to cow the people into submission. Instead they set out to win converts by building on popular images, cherished ideals, and long-held phobias. And their efforts succeeded, Gellately concludes, for the Gestapo's monstrous success was due, in large part, to ordinary German citizens who singled out suspected “enemies” in their midst, reporting their suspicions and allegations freely and in a spirit of cooperation and patriotism. Extensively documented, highly readable and illustrated with never-before-published photographs, Backing Hitler convincingly debunks the myth that Nazi atrocities were carried out in secret. From the rise of the Third Reich well into the final, desperate months of the war, the destruction of innocent lives was inextricably linked to the will of the German people.

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The Religious Experience (5th Edition) (2900024121416) Ninian Smart
Sources – At work
Charles Darwin's Letters: A Selection, 1825-1859 – Charles Darwin

Gain money Online With the Attached Programs

Used in all sense of the coverage, the attached program – any form of division of the income developed so that attached website has inherited percent from the income to make movement, conducts, or sales in a trading website. These programs can be outstanding means to make money online and to transform into money your website.
The attached programs were carried out in one of the fullest business models on the Internet. All, apparently, sign with one or several attached programs with expectation zagrebaniya enough of money to leave them from 9 before 5-day work or to make the representative secondary income.
Fundamental question for the businessman, aspiring to increase their income online as the attached dealer, is going to be, “How many money I can is realistic to make online?”
Key component to gain money online through the attached programs or other categories of disclosure is movement which is simply pure quantity of visitors which land in your website daily. It is not necessary, that you were extremely technical that it is good to earn, but affilirovannyy marketing really operates it, you wring out the obligation to make movement and persistence to grow up successful business.
Searching possibilities probably feel now that it is really rigid to recognise that money can be really made in Wednesdays online. It should partially to obvious shortage of credibility which the Internet enterprises always took out because of the roguish tactics maintained by those who has arrived before them.
The attached programs – the proved way to gain money with your website without, actually, selling something. These days numerous programs became especially popular in spite of the fact that some defender of “guru” that you do not join programs of others, but create your own. These valid programs – based work, and to you pay that you have sent clients or movement to a website, without having necessity to do your own product or the program.
Various parametres will influence the conversion relation:

How much intended the attached products of programs concerning prosecution of visitors
The price and value of sold products/services
Competence of dealers to trace all sales
Full potentiality of a website of dealers

From position of a site of the purpose, attach work of programs for the several reasons:

They clearly show qualified, conducts, as users who use communications from other sites, are type of prospects who will transform to clients
Certainly, the concept is based on granting of a site of a direction the intended maintenance, thus visitors have a justification arriving, and they were zaprodany what to expect

Some people reduce repeated streams of the income which can be collected from the Internet. Distinguish itself from herd; make the new high income online and travel all over the world. You can observe only the sales affilirovannogo marketing from exotic coast.

Monks, Manuscripts and Sundials (History of Science and Medicine Library) by Eagleton downloads torrent download torrent

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Product Details:

Author(s): Eagleton

Category: History

Date: 2010-01-11

Pages: 292

Publisher: BRILL

Language: English

ISBN-10: 9004176659

ISBN-13: 9789004176652

Format: pdf

Book Description:

The navicula sundial, because of its rarity and attractive form, has interested curators and historians alike: Derek J. de Solla Price described it as one of the most ingenious and sophisticated mathematical artefacts of the Middle Ages. Although apparently a specifically English instrument, there is much debate about when and where it was invented, and about who made and used the five surviving medieval examples. This book brings together for the first time evidence from the surviving instruments, and written sources including four previously unknown texts describing how to make or use the instrument, along with previously unknown copies of the text on which previous studies were based.

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The Science of Drinking: How Alcohol Affects Your Body and Mind

As you Can Avoid Unnecessary Pressure During The Examination in driving

You ever asked someone why they have brought the examination in driving and have heard, what they have answered, what “I only was not ready”? Possibly is not present. Leading teachers seldom enter into the pupils for the test, if they not to the test standard. That you possibly will hear, is “My nerves, has got the best over me” or “I have begun to panic”.
It is not surprising, because examination in driving always is going to be intense 40 minutes. It should there is exact check up your ability, and you should remain quiet to conduct your best.
So except nerves how still learns to do strained? It is strained because of pressure under which you are. Pressure is caused, when is compressed in one place too much so to reduce pressure you should create a place. If you have an intensive course then a good way to avoid that pressure had 2 – 4 hours per week per weeks, leading to a course as soon as you had an estimation and have planned in your test. It means that you be able practise with friends and a family and if you decide that you will require in even several hours than originally thought in which it should not plan late too a little more. Even, as soon as you begin a course directly if you leave yourselves in the afternoon between your course and the practical test is direct then you be able be co-ordinated in some additional hours just in case that you rather do not feel ready. Here some more useful helps which should help to you to keep control of the levels of pressure.
o Really make sure that you are ready to the test before you actually will be engaged in it. It could seem obvious, but taking the test before you will be ready, and the attempt failure only will damage your confidence.
o Receive enough dream before the test. Make something to distract from it is read or spends time with friends. Do not drink alcohol though – rising for the test with a hang-over any advantage is not going to do you.
o Good luck in weeks before your test – train and eat well. It will improve your full well-being and will help to hold you calmness.
o Avoid some caffeine in day is will make you nervous and more inclined to creation of errors.
o Do not forget to breathe. Breath is good. The auditor will not be happy, if you become violet and will faint. Breathe deeply; it will calm your nerves and will help to avoid an asthma.
o Saving means (only ask it in your local chemist), has appeared, it was effective at the past. Everything that you do, is decrease the tiny bit in the end of your language. It is not on taste very much, but it will be defrazzle your nerves a little.
o One of the most effective auxiliary cords of pressure should conduct only the car and not make the test. Assume that you are a taxi driver who is proud of their excellent leading style, and the auditor – the passenger who is going to give you instructions along your trip. From time to time they will make an error and will ask, that you have stopped and arranged. They then will give you the further instructions. It should allow to you to concentrate on the driving, instead of the test.
o Not be the own judge and jury – you will possibly be hung up. It is work of auditors to solve, whether you are competent. Too many people think that the small error in the test beginning cost it their pass and the engine precipitately, only to find out that the original error was only younger, but their subsequent negligent errors were large firms.
o Remember: if you suffer failure, do not allow it to take your confidence. People often say that “I – much more the best driver to bring the test for the first time.” If you suffer failure, come back to the teacher, have some more lessons and try once again. It is skill which you will have for a life so try to be assured of a failure of attempt of the test is means that you will the even more well informed following at once when you pass.

IBM DB2 9.7 Advanced Administration Cookbook (Final version) by Adrian Neagu downloads torrent download torrent

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Product Details:

Author(s): Adrian Neagu

Category: Databases

Date: 2012-02-24

Pages: 480

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1849683328

ISBN-13: 9781849683326

Format: PDF

Book Description:

IBM DB2 LUW is a leading relational database system developed by IBM. DB2 LUW database software offers industry leading performance, scale, and reliability on your choice of platform on various Linux distributions, leading Unix Systems like AIX, HP-UX and Solaris and MS Windows platforms. With lots of new features, DB2 9.7 delivers one the best relational database systems in the market. IBM DB2 9.7 Advanced Administration Cookbook covers all the latest features with instance creation, setup, and administration of multi-partitioned database. This practical cookbook provides step-by-step instructions to build and configure powerful databases, with scalability, safety and reliability features, using industry standard best practices. This book will walk you through all the important aspects of administration. You will learn to set up production capable environments with multi-partitioned databases and make the best use of hardware resources for maximum performance.

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Galaxy Science Fiction – October 1975 (Vol. 36, #9) James Baen, Richard Pini, Larry Niven, Jerry Pou

As to Partners Find Qualified Joint Venture, Consonants to Advance your Products Free of charge

Leading movement to your website and the increase in sales of your information or digital products are each Internet purpose of the dealer, and there are numerous ways to make only it. The best way to increase your sales consists in creating relations with other Internet businessmen. Two best ways to reach it consist in creating joint venture (JV) branches of the beginner and association. In this article we will short concentrate our attention to attraction of competent partners JV and one big place to find them.
Partners Find Joint Venture on ClickBank
One of the fastest and most easy ways to find the qualified partners of joint venture should use power ClickBank (CB). You can visit CB, going in CB – the branch transferring a website where digital owners of a product can list the products. The idea consists in receiving so many partners of joint venture advancing your product. The better the product transforms to sales, the above ladder CB will list your product facilitating for branches and potential partners JV to find you.
CB addresses with all so that you have no to. They care of credit card processing, the commissions vyplachivaniya to partners, payment of owners of a product and processing with vozmeshcheniyami. All your partners of joint venture should make, advance your products and cash their checks. You can speak “cha-ching!”
How you Use CB for Partners Find Joint Venture?
When in CB, press ' the market ' and search for products within the niche. The good idea would consist in searching for the connected products which directly do not compete to your product. Searching for products you will wish to identify a category which concerns that you advance as business on business, money and employment or a society and culture. There are also subcategories for the best planning.
After you have found the connected products, search for high transformation which have a ready sale now. You can make also product research to see that is hot in the market. As soon as you find the connected product, you love, contact the owner of a product for potential association JV.
TIP: contacting potential partners of joint venture, always do not forget to begin the relation with them at first. Never ask, that they have advanced your product for you, without beginning the relation. Your potential partner JV should learn, as well as trust you before they will send your offer of a product to the clients. They should know that you will develop the word and will put. Their reputation is on a line!
The PREVENTION: your potential time of the partner of joint venture is valuable it. Do not do a waist it!

Success Built to Last: Creating a Life that Matters [Audiobook] by Jerry Porras downloads torrent download torrent

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Product Details:

Author(s): Jerry Porras

Category: Audio Books

Date: 2006-09-12

Pages: 304

Publisher: Wharton School Publishing

Language: English

ISBN-10: 013228751X

ISBN-13: 9780132287517

Format: mp3

Book Description:

Chosen by BusinessWeek as one of the top 5 books of 2006 in careers.

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Avatar The Last Airbender Book 3 Complete 3×01 3×13 WatchAvatarTV com downloads, torrent
Axelrod & Cooper's Concise Guide to Writing 5e with 2009 MLA and 2010 APA Updates &a
Basic English for Computing, Student's Book

CBSE – the Central Commission on Secondary education in India

CBSE – one or the other the most important school boards of formation in India, another being the Indian Certificate on Secondary education or ICSE. The central Commission on Secondary education – result of some changes for these years, it has led to an existing embodiment of board.
The first commission on school education in India was the Commission on High school and Intermediate Formation which has been adjusted a way back in 1921. It has extended quickly, and the requirement as felt, has generated the centralised board after occurrence of the state boards and universities. Hence, the same board have repeatedly christened, and CBSE was born in a year 1952.
Now, sphere of activity CBSE exceeds national borders. Approximately to 9000 schools join, the board and a figure include approximately 140 distributions of schools through 21 country.
From centralisation before decentralisation
To function effectively and to guarantee efficient control its problems, the centralised board has a decentralised presence at various parts of India. There are offices in Delhi, Panchkula, Ajmer, Allahabad, Guwahati and Chennai. About the attached schools which are out of the country, the main office in Delhi cares.
The purposes
At CBSE there are many purposes. In addition to the instruction and updating of programs and norms of examinations, the board makes public examinations in the end of a class 10 and 12 under it 10+2 education systems. The board also lets out corresponding marksheets and certificates to successful candidates. The board has a role to play helping students in a transit phase in case of transfer of work of any parent also.
As a whole, the board works in a direction of lifting of educational standards of the country.

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